Chris Brown Has Abused A Woman: How Do We Respond To Chris Brown?

25 Oct

Chris Brown Has Abused A Woman: How Do We Respond To Chris Brown?

We know He Has Abused A Woman, Many Other Musicians Have also abused and do abuse Women?How Do We Respond To Chris Brown?That talented, gifted, young musician, Chris Brown has me asking some challenging questions, which personally I must confront. Various genre of music have a way of attracting us. More often, we like the lyrics and the song but don’t care much about the artist/musician. How do we respond when we become aware that the musician, who is now a public entity, is guilty of a society negative which we abhor. I’m asking this, trying to wade thru it, because Chris Brown, is coming to perform in South Africa and young people, including women, are excited about his inaugural concert performance in our country.

Chris Brown is not only at the top of his game but also at the top of today’s urban lifestyle music game. This young man makes good music and performs superbly on stage, being one of the few who can both sing and dance whilst performing. That he’s talented and gifted, there’s no doubt.

Like millions of music fans, lovers and consumers, I like Chris Brown’s music. I sometimes quote lyrics from his songs as my facebook updates. And although I tell myself ‘he’s an abuser, switch off’, I find that I’m still attracted to his music and like hearing his songs when they are played.

But Chris Brown is also known publicly, not only as one of music’s really bad boys, but as an abuser.

Most of us who listen to and buy into the terrain that is R n B music are aware ware of his public break up with Rihanna which involved abuse and violence.  When we heard this international news, we reacted with feelings of disgust and roared words which raged against his violent behaviour. Some radio stations and presenters refused to play his music; some disliked him immediately, others condemned him.

Chris Brown, the talented musician had played the wrong tune which didn’t appeal to us and which we didn’t want to hear. And this is because he had instantly become an abuser. This we don’t like, we don’t encourage and we don’t support. This reaction is for the millions of women around the world who are victims and survivors of abuse and violence.

Chris Brown is performing live on stage in South Africa in December. Tickets for his show are amongst the most expensive charged for a musician to perform in SA.

I attend most concerts when black and R n B musicians perform in SA. I like Chris Brown’s music.  I also know that he has abused a woman.  How do I respond to Chris Brown?

We acknowledge that Chris Brown is not the only musician that abuses women. There are many more like him; it’s just that we are not publicly aware of them. There’s the musicians like the rich Jay Z with their dark and negative pasts of being drug dealers, P Diddy who was involved in a gun incident in a club, R Kelly who is alleged to have abused under age girls, the rappers Lil Wayne and Akon whose lyrics reek of degradation of women. Yet we continue to be attracted to their music.

For how long do we call out to Chris Brown, and only Chris Brown. For how long do we ostracise him? I ask these questions because they raise issues of integrity and honesty as well as requiring a woman’s powerful and potent response to gender violence. Thousands of young women especially will be attending Chris Brown’s concerts in SA, they will scream for more performance from him, applaud him after every song and will be saddened when his stage performance wraps.

Surely we can safely say whilst they may like his music, they certainly shouldn’t be liking his abuse and anger. Ideally, we should be protesting in our thousands against abuse and violence, we should be raising our voices at every abuser. And Chris Brown’s arrival in SA should be greeted with protests, demonstrations and raging voices against abuse.

But Chris Brown is not the only man in the music game who has abused women, or who is a misogynyist. No ways! There are many, many more like him that we are not aware of. So I’m asking: do we speak out only against Chris Brown or against everyone in the music game. Do we find out and identify all of them? For the millions of women who don’t attend concerts of rappers and R n b musicians, the answer is simple: You not going to a Chris Brown concert because he is a known abuser. But then you go to other concerts of male musicians, whose personal lives you don’t know about.

It’s the same with sport where we know of many abusers of women, sportsmen who don’t pay maintenance, who cheat on their partners but then when they perform on the sports stage, they are our hero’s. International footballers Ryan Giggs and Wayne Rooney from Manchester United are publicly known to have slapped their women partners, yet we cheer and worship their football prowess (those who support Manchester United). There are several South African footballers who don’t pay maintenance and abuse women, yet we praise their football prowess on the field.

I am proposing that if we are not going to support Chris Brown, then we do the same for all musicians who abuse women, because whilst we may be calling out for one musician, we calling in for several others who are just as bad. How long do we condemn the previous conviction. Until forever? Do we ever allow the musician to forgive himself, learn from his negative behaviour and never commit same again.

I can easily condemn Chris Brown, go on a rage thru my words and call out, don’t support Chris Brown. I can go on a rant and write about what a terrible young man he is to hit and abuse a woman that he supposedly was loving. But I’ve got to ask myself why I am not calling out all other musicians.

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