16 Days of Activism: Women’s Bodies Are Not for Scarring! By Cheryl Roberts

3 Dec
‘Love That Hurts Love Is Not Love’
. People want and search for love and happiness, how and when we find it, with whom and how long we sustain love and happiness is what differentiates our varying love experiences
. Love does not have to be a battleground; it doesn’t have to be violent or hurtful. Love has got nothing to do with anything that is abusive, violent or negatively applied and, because love is simply heart-to-heart love, anything else means that your heart is not in tune with love
. Don’t mistake loving and being loved by someone as permission for that person to define and sculpt you how, who and what they want you to be
. As painful as it is and as much as it breaks our hearts, love that hurts loving and throws our love against the wall, has got to be said goodbye to, even though we may be reminded, there were the good times in between the love that was bad and painful


. When women realise that their existence, happiness and worth as a woman is not dependent on a man, when they realise they have been forcefully socialised to believe that men are pivotal to a woman’s being and happiness in life, perhaps then they will understand the root of their existence and being does not have to be connected to a man for them to be complete, liberated and free
. Saying goodbye to a love that has not worked out does not mean you must be scared of love or think you are a failure at love, but it should at least, indicate your knowing what you don’t want, and what love you desire, when you love again
. Your loving another should not be prescribed by society’s heterosexual, male-dominating boundaries or rules, or any restrictions of gender or colour. Love is there to be consumed as love with whomever, wherever and whenever you want to feel, share and give love.
. Realising that you have the mental and emotional strength to take yourself out of a bad relationship, is a giant step towards satisfying and reclaiming yourself
. Sometimes we need to take ourselves out of a love so that we can set ourselves free
. When women can finally realise love for their own body, they would and should be on the journey to self-realisation and self-love from within themselves, and not the self-made, false opinions which are reflected, particularly in commercial media which are produced more for profit and not for women’s empowerment, about how women should look to fit in with society’s norms
‎ (extracts from my book: ‘Love. Pause. Life’)

Believing Always In The Woman That Is Me

By Cheryl Roberts


As the years roll on,
I am content with my self-belief
that the woman I am,
is defined by my footprints
in my sand on my life’s journey,
as embraced by the woman that is me
and I ask for nothing more from myself
than being the woman that loves me, for me,
thru my own eyes, heart and soul
discovering more and more
the depth of my woman’s strength and power,
embracing my woman’s being with purpose, love and respect,
allowing myself to be enchanted by this life that is mine
loving and accepting the hustle and challenge
of being the best woman I can and want to be,
knowing my own belief and power in myself,

and the woman that is ME

“You cannot love anyone and dominate them, hurt them, because once you’re doing that you’ve moved yourself out of love”…….Bell Hooks
(photo image: Reneilwe Mathibe)

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