Women’s Sport Is Attractive And Entertaining, But Our Sportswomen Must Be Supported! By Cheryl Roberts

8 Feb

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageDespite reaching international level, achieving Olympic and world titles, our sportswomen have to continue battling against numerous odds, to perform on the world sports stage. I say this because our sportswomen participate in sport in chains, struggling to find their potential and attain world class level with the small amounts of support here and there.

Government, business and corporates know the inequalities and imbalances exist, after all, it is the apparatus of government and business, that has over the decades created and, further contributes, to sport’s gender inequality.

Almost three years after hosting a very successful men’s football world cup, which cost our country billions, South Africa’s sportswomen should have been accorded much more attention, focus and spotlight, because the men have been getting all the country’s support, assistance and attention in the years leading up to the football world.

For too long women are participating in sport and achieving world class standards, including continental and world titles but are doing so with very little support. And for too long, women are not being taken seriously when they raise the impediments to their participation in sport.

It’s about time that no more complaining was done, because this is seemingly heard only during the first few days of August and then is shifted under some table where it’s not heard for a long time.

For too long women have been receiving the crumbs and some handouts here and there. Much too much money goes into development of men and boys in sport.

It’s about time that government intervention, particularly via the national portfolio committee on sport, is implemented. It is always the men’s interest in sport that is looked after. The RSA’s portfolio committee on sport has never had a hearing into the negatives, grievances and challenges which curtail, impede and serve as obstacles to women’s advancement in sport.

There is very much sports talent and potential amongst girls and women, but how are we going to know our sports talent if we don’t give them the best support? Just as we discover men’s and boys sports potential, because of the support given, so too, must that support be given to women and girls in sport.

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