Get This! Women Don’t Want To Be Abused! By Cheryl Roberts

13 Feb

ImageNo woman or girl wants her body violated!

No woman wants to live in fear of being sexually and physically abused and assaulted. Women have had enough of men attacking women’s bodies!


Don’t salute, adore, respect and admire women, and then every other day and night you oppress, hurt and abuse them.

Just because I’m a woman does not mean I must allow myself, my existence and my life to be defined by definitions imposed by a heterosexual, patriarchal, male-dominating society.


It’s not about the clothes the woman or girl wears,

It’s not about how she carries or portrays herself,

It’s not about the place she’s in,

But it is about you, mongrel men,

keeping your violent hands and penis off a girl and woman’s body

because women don’t have to protect themselves……..

Its about the men who must not rape


Our South African society and nation has many deficiencies and boasts several strengths and good, and as much as we love our South Africa, we must never ever allow any South African structure, media, organisation, school, person, government to degrade, dehumanise, violate and humiliate the bodies of women and girls, because this degradation is where it starts for men and boys to abuse women’s bodies.

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