‘Women Must Love Themselves’ By Cheryl Roberts

22 Feb

Managing our lives is not easy but as we go through the university of life. We must get better with time and develop our beautiful selves to be all that we want to be. Stagnation has no benefit for our lives. Don’t just GO through life, but GROW through it, continuously evolving and transforming to be the best you can be, not for other people, but for yourself

Some reflections (my personal opinions) on the imperative and need for women to love themselves:
. Women must never stop falling in love with themselves and forever love their beings
. Women who never stop falling in love with themselves, will eventually realize that loving oneself is the most honest love they should ever encounter in their lifetime
. You can’t have pride in yourself if you don’t love yourself; you can and should have both love and pride in your being

. Every woman should be awakened to love by and from another, but her imperative must be the love for herself, that she will find in herself

. When women stop believing that it’s their right to be loved by a man, perhaps they will start believing in themselves and their ability to create their own love, instead of waiting to be loved by men to be fulfilled and complete
. It’s a hustle, but you have to constantly be creating the woman you want to be, through your eyes, whilst others around you, want to box you in and define you, according to society’s perceptions and stereotypes
. Not losing ourselves for love and existing for another person’s fulfillment, at the expense of ourselves, remains one of the constant battles when we are loving
. Create yourself through your own eyes, not how other people want to see you
. When women realise love for their own body, they would and should be on the journey to self-realisation and self-love from within themselves
. Self-love is the most authentic and honest love you will ever receive in your lifetime
(some of these quotes/opinions/reflections will be published in my soon to be published publication ‘Love. Pause. Life’ by Cheryl Roberts)

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