Cape Town’s Football Working Class Disses Cape Town’s Football Event By Cheryl Roberts

3 Aug


The power of Cape Town’s working class was superbly demonstrated when the working class football family didn’t give support to an elitist, expensive football extravaganza recently hosted in the city. When the city of Cape Town’s officials understand and admit that the power of football is vested in the working class, then they may get more positive support and a healthy working relationship.

It’s over a week ago that the DA-administered city of Cape Town hosted a flop football tournament which used millions of rands from the city’s budget.

It is tragic and exceptionally alarming that city officials and public representatives were allowed to host this expensive sports event which clearly had no objective of benefiting the city’s football constituency. This is not the first flop football tournament hosted by the city of Cape Town; there have been others. A few years ago, after the 2010 football world cup, it was the staging of an 8 nation men’s u20 event. The football prowess was good but the matches were played in front of embarrassingly empty stadiums.

Does the city of Cape Town really believe we are fools to just let this event pas by as another gig that occurred in ‘the most beautiful city in the world’ and ‘the city that works for you’?

Whilst the city is trying desperately to downplay their embarrassing sports event and to let it go away quietly without much criticism, there is still much talk about how money was wasted on an elite sports event.

The working class is often taken for granted by those in power and government; with administrations doing as they please with little concern for the disadvantaged lives and happiness of the working class.

The Cape Town Cup, a pre-season football tournament featuring four professional football clubs was designed to attract football fans in their thousands and increase tourism revenue for a city whose tourism sectors largely benefits the already privileged, wealthy and rich operating the tourism industry in Cape Town.

If anything, the power of the working class which is the football constituency in South Africa dissed the Cape Town Cup and didn’t show up; even when ticket prices were knocked down hours before tournament kick off.

There’s no denying the passion for football by the South African working class. But don’t mess with the working class and their football because the working class football masses will show you up and show you their power.

How could the city have the audacity to think they could stage a sports event without ‘the people’, without consulting and working with the football and sports structures? Football is rooted in the disadvantaged working class communities with authentic officials and leaders. Why should city officials who get paid from the city’s administration budget just thing they can host an event on their own terms without considering what is best for the city’s people?

For too long, this DA administered city of Cape Town has trampled and strangled the working class communities. But this time it was nice too much. And the working class responded with their power. Not financial power but power to boycott, to diss, to ignore to stay away.

As a final point about the flop, disastrous, embarrassing ‘Cape Town Cup’, I’m telling the city’s councilors and officials to forget about replying to me. Of course I am correct with my opinions about the flop ‘Cape Town Cup’. Don’t waste time that you are paid for. I am correct and right about the flop Cape Town Cup. You were wrong to host the elitist event spending million of the city’s money when the football and sports structures were excluded and ticket prices were exhorbitant.

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