SA Billionaire Patrice Motsepe’s Money Supports Men’s Sports, Ignores Women In Sport By Cheryl Roberts

16 May

Where is the support for women’s sports from South Africa’s black male billionaire Patrice Motsepe? Why, until now, hasn’t Patrice Motsepe funded women’s sports and women’s sports events? Why is Patrice Motsepe displaying his toxic masculinity when offering to sponsor men’s sports whilst ignoring women’s sports?

That Patrice Motsepe is super rich, there’s no doubt. He’s one of South Africa’s several billionaires. After making his billions from profits extracted from his participation in the post-apartheid SA mining economy,  sport, especially men’s football has become Patrice Motsepe’s latest play toy in recent years.

With so much money at his disposal Patrice Motsepe, his family and Motsepe Foundation can choose any sport to be associated with. But until now Patrice Motsepe has chosen, through the sports he chooses to sponsor and fund to show his disregard for women’s sports. Yes, Motsepe’s men’s PSL team Sundowns does have a women’s football team playing in the provincial Sasol League but that women’s sports team is no ways given the same financial backing as the PSL Sundowns men’s team.

Motsepe has put millions into men’s sports but none of his money has gone into sponsoring women’s sports. Living in our unequal South African society, albeit up in the billionaire clouds, Motsepe must have some idea that women’s sports, especially black women in sport struggle for corporate sponsorship but he surprisingly hasn’t come up with sponsorship offers.

This shows Patrice Motsepe’s support of and allegiance to men in sport! Look at his recent ‘toy’; the men’s football match: Barcelona v Sundowns match, costing millions and being played in South Africa, tonight. Has Motsepe got any heart to know what those millions would mean to black girls in working class sport instead of them being splashed out on this end of season men’s football encounter?

Now that he has made his billionaires and exists in the world of the super rich, Motsepe is seemingly walking around with blinkers, not seeing the struggles of working class girls in sport in South Africa.

Why can’t Patrice Motsepe sponsor some sportswomen and women’s sports in SA? What does it reveal about this black male billionaire that he doesn’t support women in sport? The other day Dr Moloi Motsepe, spoke about the necessity of a national women’s football league in SA. Yes, she’s correct about this. We’ve for years been calling for a women’s football national league. But there’s always no sponsor and no money to launch this league! This always happens, despite much money and corporate sponsorship being available for men’s football.

Why doesn’t Patrice Motsepe and Dr Moloi Motsepe (wife and husband) now engineer sponsorship of this women’s football national league? What’s stopping them when it’s gonna come off their daily interest received from their money extracted in South Africa?

I’m calling out Patrice Motsepe because he’s no different from white male billionaires who ignore women’s sports and black girls in sport. I’m calling out billionaire Patrice Motsepe and showing how he maintains male dominated sports in SA with

8cheryl roberts  in the rain forest in ghana

Cheryl Roberts (writer of the blog)

his lucrative funding, business deals and sponsorship.

Billionaire Patrice Motsepe thinks only about men’s sport and funds big time, men in sport; his sponsorship relationships show this!





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