To Stop Gentrification, Stop White Ownership In Historically Oppresssed Communities in Cape Town By Cheryl Roberts

3 Jun


The slowly moving in and take over by gentrification of historically oppressed communities in nearby and surrounding city centre Cape Town is working against the original residents of these communities. Who is gentrification existing for?

Look at this! Gentrification has engulfed Woodstock, the community of historically oppressed peole, where houses are  exhorbitant prices, eliminating working class people from housing deals. And there’s massive development of  high rise buildings, shops and businesses. And who are those doing these developments, buying the houses, old apartment buildings? It’s the generational wealth people, the foreign moneyed people, those getting apartheid inheritances and white privilege, of course. It’s white people.

Shockingly, it’s not the historically oppressed who are spearheading gentrification. It’s white people and European foreigners. Where are the black people, those who suffered apartheid oppression? Why are they they missing from gentrification?

It’s because they don’t have the money from apartheid inheritances nor access to funding and business assistance to help them spearhead development in their historical people’s communities! So young whites especially, with their apartheid inheritances and white privilege, and serial business developers sustained during apartheid, are now driving gentrification of areas in and nearby city centre Cape Town.

We’ve watched how Woodstock got taken over, how Salt River is being clawed into and how Bo Kaap is being ‘invaded’ by European  foreigners and apartheid’s white children. Now Bo Kaap’s historical resident’s, especially the young people who have grown up hearing and knowing about forced removals in their families, are challenging and calling out gentrification.

Given what gentrification brings to our people’s hoods, it’s imperative that developers and their developments be confronted with people’s anger and protests. Developers are mostly about money, making more money and eliminating those who can’t afford to rent their business spaces and buy their properties. Developers are not concerned about community legacy, traditional people’s hoods and impact of destruction on people’s lives. All they want is to develop and to make money!

One fearless, gigantic step to be taken is to stop white ownership of land, property, businesses in areas such as Woodstock, Salt River and Bo Kaap, including the city centre area. Whites already own all new house and property purchases and are business owners in this gentrification era. The historically oppressed are not the drivers nor owners of gentrification processes;  they are the victims, the evicted and the pushed out. And this is not being racist, nor apartheid in reverse or discriminatory. This is halting white wealth increase and growth whilst blacks are being forced to rely on this gentrification for accommodation and work.

In an area like the Atlantic Seaboar, incorporating Sea Point, Bantry Bay and Green Point, this prime land and property revitalisation is being done by wealthy whites and apartheid era businesses. Blacks can’t get into developments happening there because they don’t have the money for the business deals. The only entrance for blacks is as construction workers building the high rise buildings for the white inherited and owned businesses.

Knowing that the historically oppressed had no money from apartheid, a fund had to be created by national, provincial and city governments to assist black people to also become developers and property owners of the Atlantic Seaboard. Big this hasn’t been done and apartheid’s money is at play here, helping apartheid’s generational wealth to not only expand and grow, but to stay within white ownership.

It won’t stop, this increasing power of apartheid’s generational wealth. Here in Cape Town, especially with     the DA having control of government administration, whites will get rich and blacks are going to remain bring employees of whites.

Stop allowing and increasing white ownership in Woodstock, Salt River, Bo Kaap, Cape Town CBD and Atlantic Seaboard. Whites are already owning property, land and businesses in these historically people’s communities. That’s enough. We don’t want people pushed out of their communities because of money. We want white ownership, purchase of land and property in these people’s communities, to be stopped and for the people themselves to take ownership of future developments.











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