Shocking Disclosures Of Discrimination in South African Girls Hockey By Cheryl Roberts

7 Aug

0433A94C-D279-43B2-92F7-3808FD96F8A4.jpegParents and girl hockey players who are not white are speaking out against the horrendous discrimination existing in South Africa’s girls hockey teams and structures. The disclosures and anger focus is on white women coaches being preferred as provincial coaches, who then impose their racism and white attitude behavior on the girls hockey teams.

Parents and girl hockey players are revealing how, despite their selection to district and provincial age group hockey teams, it’s the white girls who always get game time most of the time, whilst the black players (all those not white) get most of the bench time, all the time. This is happening particularly at provincial under 16 and under 18 girls hockey. The black girls are traumatised from these playing and team processes as they get selected as one team but get differentiated against when it comes to playing matches. ‘It’s always about the white girls getting game time and starting the match and we who are not white get benched’, said a provincial under 16 hockey player.

Now white women hockey coaches are being called out for their racism, discrimination and favouring of white girl hockey players. Those parents and coaches whose children and players are being benched say they’ve had enough of these white women coaches and selectors in hockey. They’ve also had enough of white families, especially the Madsen family in KZN, others in Western Province and Gauteng and white officials controlling women’s hockey in SA, ensuring their family members get preferential selection and game time.

This explains how white-dominated the provincial girls and women’s teams are structured, how SA’s national women’s hockey team is white, white, white. Where are the black girl and women hockey players coming out of provincial hockey if they not going to get game time? SA women’s hockey must be suspended from SASCOC and be suspended from all international competition and play because these white teams are not representing post-apartheid South Africa. They are just representing and advocating their whiteness, white privilege and racism.

White women hockey administrators and coaches are the gatekeepers of whiteness and white privilege in the suburban, elite and private schools.  They always ensure white school girls make provincial teams with just a handful of black players in the team. And then these few black players get benched most of the time.

Who is speaking up and speaking out about this white control of girls hockey in South Africa? This white domination must be disrupted and stopped! Girls hockey in SA is not the preserve of white people!




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