‘My dream is to become one of the best female African footballers’ – Rhoda Mulaudzi

12 Nov


South Africa’s woman footballer Rhoda Mulaudzi not only got her dream pro contract secured in 2018, she also got her dream opening goal on debut for her pro club, Canberra United in Australia’s  Westfield W-league.

Q and A Interview With South Africa’s Footballer Rhoda Mulaudzi Playing In Australia In Her Debut Pro Season

Q: How are you feeling about finally playing in a pro league?

Rhoda Mulaudzi: It is a dream come true. I come from a village in Limpopo where there are very limited opportunities, so this is something that I truly am thankful for. Its not just about me but the joy and hope it also brings to kids from my village back home.

Q: How is the standard of play compared to playing in South Africa? And the international players you are playing against?

Rhoda Mulaudzi: The standard is quite high. No disrespect to SA football but there is a higher standard of play this side. Sport in Australia is taken very seriously. Besides football, we know how they excel in other sporting codes and the growth of football this side is constant.


Q: Tell us about your life as a pro footballer in Australia

Rhoda Mulaudzi: Well it is a very humbling experience. We train quite a lot and you are always challenged to improve your game.

Q: And what are you doing when you not playing playing?

Rhoda Mulaudzi:  I spend time looking at my videos and identifying where I need to improve. My dream is to become one of the best female African footballers so I am always challenging myself. Other than that I enjoy watching movies and listening to music.


Q:  Have you set yourself any objectives of achieving as a pro player? What are they?

Rhoda Mulaudzi: Playing at the highest level is the ultimate objective for me. I am steadily getting to there; thanks to this move to Canberra United.

Q: Do you still want to represent your country, South Africa? Why do you think you are not being called up to Banyana Banyana?

Rhoda Mulaudzi: I will always be available to play for my country, it is every footballer’s dream. My duty is to keep working on improving as an individual with the opportunity presented to me by Canberra. As for the rest, I believe teams are selected on the basis that are most fitting to the objective in hand. When my turn comes again, I will be ready and prepared. All I need to do is continue working hard and support every player currently wearing our national colours. At the end of the day, it’s about the badge.


Q: Are you missing South Africa and your family and friends?

Rhoda Mulaudzi: Yes, I do miss home but I think this move is good for my career. I have adjusted well here and am focusing on doing well for Canberra United. Thanks to technology, I can catch up with family and friends back home but the focus is here with my club.

Interview done by Cheryl Roberts

Photographs: Canberra United

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