South Africa’s Black Women Pro Golfers Need Money To Play Golf Tours By Cheryl Roberts

1 Apr



South Africa’s Pioneering Black Women Pro Golfers Want To Play Outside of SA But Need Funding

The Duma sisters – Siviwe and Yolanda – are South Africa’s first black women pro golfers. The wrapping of the 2019 Sushine Ladies tour, golf in SA’s pro golf circuit, saw the Duma sisters, from Mdantsane in East London, complete three highy successful years on the domestic pro tour.
Although yet to win a pro golf tournament, Siviwe and Yolanda have both been improving steadily over the past three years, since taking the professional plunge. Remarkable this is, when one considers they turned pro only in their middle to late twenties and had no corporate sponsor nor funder backing their pro golf journey.
They have made the cut in various pro golf events during their three
years on a tough and challenging circuit where every pro golfer wants to score big, lead and win. They have also had disapointing results, by their own standards. But they’ve also come back to perform much better. Look at their performance in this year’s South Africa’s Women’s Open played in Cape Town. Both Duma pro golfers struggled in windy conditions and both didn’t make the cut. Then they played the Joburg Open at Soweto Country Club, days later and both Siviwe and Yolanda made the cut with Yolanda hitting a leading round on the second day’s play and finishing the golf touranment in an incredible
6th position that earned her the biggest pay check of her pro life.

59BA1ABD-8FF7-4259-8DD2-A079304873B7Now, after two months of touring gof courses all over South Africa as
pro players, the Duma golfers have returned home to East London with lots of golf tournaments to play outside of SA but no money to get them there to the tournaments. In the meantime, they will practise and do some golf coaching and wait on the next edition of SA’s pro women’s golf tour, kicking off in about a year’s time.

‘We really want to play outside of South Africa like the other pro’s do. This will give us more more experience on  the pro tour’, says Siviwe Duma. ‘But we don’t have the money to maintain ourselves on the pro tours in Europe, Asia and USA,’ says Yolanda Duma.
I’ve written about the Duma pro golfers, before. I’ve noted how they are pioneering black women pro golfers. I’ve called for them to be assisted, with corporate sponsorship and funding. They are the role models for future black women pro golfers. They exist for black girls in golf to know they also can one day be pro women golfers.


When this year’s Sunshine Ladies Tour was nearing its wrap, almost all the pro golfers had future tournaments planned. Not the Duma golfers.
Without money and sponsorship, they knew the only place they were going after the pro tour in SA, was home to Mdantsane in East London.
Their money won for making the cut on the Sushine Ladies Tour is to purchase their golf bags, golf clothing and personal expenses. They are not sponsored and must purchase everything themsleves and personally cover all their golf expenss. They even raise their money to play on the pro tour by hosting golf days in East London.
Now, at a time when they should be playing the golf courses on the
European, Asian and North American pro circuits, South Africa’s first black women pro golfers, are constrained and kept back because of no sponsorship, funds and money. They are black women whose parents were oppressed by apartheid; have no generational inheritance to rely on.
There exists no sportswomen fund in SA that they can turn to and ask
for help. But at least, despite having no sponsor and outside
financial help, they have taken the plunge, believed in their worth
and gone on to become pro golfers at a time when no black women pro golfers existed in SA.

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