Stop Ruthless Scrutiny Of Black Sportswomen By Cheryl Roberts

2 May



Stop Ruthless Scrutiny Of Black Sportswomen By Eliminating The
Horrendous White/European Gaze

Stop White Supremacist Control Of International Sport

The suffocation and strangulation of black sportswomen must be
curtailed! And this must be done by removing and eliminating
altogether the horrendous white and European colonial gaze that
insists on profiling black sportswomen on European, colonial terms.
We’ve had enough of the ruthless and aggressive scrutiny of black
sportswomen. When black women emerge as champions, they are always being questioned about how they got there. And who does the questioning and scrutiny? It’s the white, colonial thinking, European and Australian men; always looking to ‘blame and question something’ about the black sportswoman champion.
The most violent, ruthless, horrendous and vicious assault being shot at champion black sportswomen, is the attempt to ‘own’ a black champion woman’s body! Can you comprehend this ruthlessness! They want to OWN the make-up and structure of a black woman’s body. This has
never been done with a white sportswoman.  At this juncture, why is this attack specifically levelled at black champion Caster Semenya?
With most officialdom of international sport still in the hands of obnoxious and narcisistic white and European men who are not feminists nor are they anti-sexist, anti-misogyny, anti-racism campaigners, you are assured of the presence of black sportswomen being always
subjected to horrific and inhumane scrutiny. And, that is scrutiny from a white, colonial and European gaze saturated with racist, sexist, misogynistic opinions about black women in sport.
But it’s not just the white and European men, together with their
Australian counterparts who are intent on aggressively profiling black sportswomen. Their allies, sympathisers, supporters are the white women, too like that racist, white supremacist Katie Hopkins and many elite sportswomen.
Over the decades, with sports officialdom in the control of white and European men, who powerfully project their colonial and white supremacist attitudes, black sportswomen are continuously subjected to
opinions about their body structures and make-up and clothes being worn on their bodies. This scrutiny, criticims and racist profiling is most intense when the black woman is a champion.
For how much longer must black women in sport be subjected to the
taunting gaze and opinions of white, colonial-saturated thinking,
European and Australian men. For how much longer are black women’s bodies going to be dissected and torn apart?
We all know that a champion black woman athlete like Caster Semenya is being specifically targeted. Is this because she is black and a supreme champion? Such is Caster Semenya’s athletics prowess, that no white woman can get to be champion in the 800m events on the athletics track. But Caster Semenya was born with her body; there’s no artifical make-up about Caster Semenya’s body.
And with the whining and crying, the white and European, conservative men responded to white women’s fears and crying, by deciding to control the biological make-up of a particular black woman athlete.
For now its champon Caster Semenya. Tomorrow and therefafter its other black women in sport who seemingly ‘don’t  look the part’ of those prying racist, misogynistic eyes and minds.
Get this! International sport cannot and should not have these white, European, Australian men and all others like them, in positions of power. If the Court of Arbitration in Sport wants to be known as just, fair and credible with integrity then it must rule on the elimination of this male officialdom from international sport.
How can CAS, established to ensure fairness exists in sport,
effectively rule in favour of a sport federation’s proposed ruling to
‘lower testosterone levels in women athletes’ in certain events when reality indicates that this is unjust, inhumane and should not be done.
Participating in sport the world over, the playing fields are never
level for black women in sport. Because of their inherited
generational privileges, it’s always the privileged and white
sportswomen who are awarded the benefits with better training
facilities, sponsorship and media ahead of black struggling
Colonialists robbed Africa, plundered African countries into dire living coditions with robbery of our resources and money. They left Africa struggling to hold on. From the dusty sports fields, out of
these battles and struggles have emerged champion African sportswomen who now dominate the global sports stages and sports events.
And because colonialists and racist Europeans are accustomed to
dominating black women, they just can’t take it when black women are there in sport as world, Olympic and global champions.  So how do the European, white, colonial-thinking men and their women allies respond?
By opting to unjustly control black sportswomen bodies because they
have some power to do this.
This control must not be allowed. Eliminate the white and European men from sports officialdom. Disrupt male control of international sport.
Ensure that conscious women – not racist women – are in positions of power.
Its difficult winning against European officialdom and those who have the power and money when a court of arbitration is there to support European officialdom. Get this! Black sportswoman champion Caster
Semenya has only ‘lost’ an appeal. Caster Semenya has not lost her
athletics prowess that she was born with, developed and advanced through years of hard and intensive training and without the use of performance-enhancing drugs. The body of black woman athlete Caster Semenya is authentic and honest. The ruthless profiling and aggressive scrutiny of black sportswomen bodies, largely from the gaze of white, European and Australian men and their white crying women, is condemned and resisted.

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