SA’s Champion Amateur Girl Golfer Kajal Mistry Has Ambitions To Win At College In The USA By Cheryl Roberts

28 May


Based on her academic and golf achievements, 18 year old amateur golfer Kajal Mistry has been awarded an academic/golf scholarship at a univerity in the USA. One of South Africa’s leading women amateur golfers, Kajal will begin her study/golf programe in the USA in August.

Since starting out with golf lessons from three years old, Johannesburg-based Kajal matured into an SA junior and senior amateur champion, regularly playing the national tournament circuit in SA and participating in several continental and global golf events.

With some free months on her side between finishing matric and awaiting USA college enrolment, Kajal played the 2019 pro women’s golf Sunshine Tour in South Africa, competing against and with the pro women golfers. The 18 year old amateur golfer didn’t win a pro tour event, but she came incredibly close to winning her first pro championship whilst still a teenage girl amateur golfer. At the conclusion of this year’s Sunshine Tour, Kajal Mistry was named as the pro tour’s ‘top amateur player’.

South African SportsWoman’ wanted to know more about Kajal and golf, so we asked the questions and she gave the answers……….

Q: Kajal, you had an amazing 2019 Sunshine Tour. Did you expect such incredible results, almost winning your first pro tournament, despite still being an amteur player?
Kajal: I always go into tournaments with the goal to win. I had never expected to almost win my first pro tournament, but knew that I was and am capable of winning a pro event.

Q: You are still a teenage golfer. Have you achieved all your goals as a junior and senior amateur in SA?
Kajal: Unfortunately I have not. My goal was to win all the national flagship events in both junior and senior tournaments, and I missed out on winning the Nomads SA Girls.

Q: You’re going to the USA on a golf scholarship. What would you like to achieve as a college golfer in the USA?
Kajal: My goals are to win the Annika award and win the NCAA finals as a team and an individual.

Q: Are you likely to turn pro after college? Would you like to be a pro golfer?
Kajal: That is the plan! I’ve always wanted to compete as a professional golfer and am working towards that goal everyday.

Q: Whom do you admire in women’s golf?
Kajal: Maria Fassi

Q: What’s your training programme like? Are you every day on the golf course?
Kajal: I have a fitness and golf training program that I follow from week to week.

Q: Do you have a coach?
Kajal: Yes, Darren Witter at Randpark golf club. We have been working together since I was 3 years old.

Q: Women’s golf is growing in South Africa. What more can be done to increase and improve the profile of women’s golf in SA?
Kajal: Women’s golf has done an incredible job in raising the profile of amateur golf through traditional and social media avenues. Lots of work is being done to get more girls playing golf and that will grow the game.

Q: How did you get involved in playing golf?
Kajal: My parents introduced my brother and I to golf when we were very young. We started with golf lessons once a week and persisted with golf.

Q: Are you sponsored? Who pays for your expenses like travel, golf club membership, golf clothing?
Kajal: I am a member of the Ernie Els and Fancourt Foundation. I joined the foundation in December and really appreciate their support, guidance and motivation.

Q: What would you like to achieve over the next 3-5 years as a South African woman golf?
Kajal:  I would like to represent South Africa at the Olympic Games.

Q: And your life besides golf? What else do you do and enjoy?
Kajal: Honestly, there is nothing better than lying on my bed and listening to music after a long day at golf. I watch a lot of movies and series.

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