South Africa’s World Class Netballer Phumza Maweni Wants A World Cup Medal By Cheryl Roberts

28 May




SA netballer Phumza Maweni knows what she wants from netball in this netball world cup year when the global netball championship, that comes round every four years, brings together the world’s qualified world cup netball teams to compete for the world cup trophy that comes round every four years. Phumza Maweni knows that she wants nothing more than a world cup medal.

‘Our South African netball team has been impoving consistently and we believe that we can be one of the best teams at this year’s netball world cup in the UK,’ says Phumza. ‘And we also believe we can medal at the world cup. We have the players, the team, the coach, management, the support’.

This will be Phumza’s second participation in a world cup and with her being on the other side of 30, albeit still a world class netballer, Phumza knows her world cup medal ambition must be attained at this year’s world cup, because it could be her last championship.

Pro netballer Phumza is presently signed to top Australian pro netball club, Sunshine Coast Lightning. ‘I’m really enjoying and loving playing for Sunshine Coast Lightning and playing pro netball in Australia,’ says Phumza. ‘I’m learning, improving, playing top quality netball.

‘Playing in the Autralian pro league helps a lot. I am doing more strength training and conditioning to build muscles. The games are much more competitive and the pace of the ball moves quicker,’ says Phumza about her Australian experience.

About her world cup selection for South Africa, Phumza says: ‘I am honoured and humbled to be selected. I want to play top netball at the world cup. I want to win a medal for myself as a netballer, my team, my country, my family and for all who participate in netball in SA.’

Whilst enjoying being in pro netball down under, Phumza says she misses her family and son. ‘I do miss home. Family is everthing. I phone my son, who is being take care of by my parents, twice day.’

Between now and the world cup, Phumza wants to play top of her game, and stay injury-free. ‘I want to give it my all at the world cup. I really want a world cup medal’, says Phumza.


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