DA-Ruled City Of Cape Town Disrespects Working Class Sports By Cheryl Roberts

28 Aug


Why is the DA-controlled city of Cape Town giving shabby and disrespectful treatment to working class sports of netball and football, and nt maintaining sports facilities in working class communities and townships? Why is the DA-controlled city of Cape Town, not making its sports facilities accessible and available when the facilities are required for use by netball and football? Why is the DA-controlled city of Cape Town strangling working class sport in Cape Town?
Its because the DA-controlled city of Cape Town refuses to look after and be there for all Cape Town’s communities and people, especially, the under-resourced, working class communities. Its because the DA-controlled city of Cape Town is more intent on strangling working class sports intead of assisting and helping the sports to survive.
Last night, a ‘BIG’ men’s pro football league match was played in Cape Town featuring the city’s football team Cape Town FC against Kaizer Chiefs. The match was played at a rugby stadium in Newlands, despite the city having a world cup football stadium. Two weeks ago I went out to watch and photograph Cape Town Netball Federation league matches and this was at the university of Western Cape netball courts, instead of the netball facility in Belville owned by the city.

Now I’m asking what is going on with the city of Cape Town in providing and making available facilities for these sports to be played? Why couldn’t the football match, attracting over 10 000 fans not be played at Cape Town stadium?
Why can’t the netball fixtures, featuring over 100 teams and 1000 players, not be played at the Belville netball courts. Both facilities are owned by the city of Cape Town. They are not owned by individuals, nor businesses, nor clubs. Its the ity of Cape Town’s municipal and local government responsibilty to ensure that these facilities are made available to regional sports events within the jurisdiction of Cape Town.
Get this! The DA controlled city of Cape Town municipality is not owned by the DA nor people associated with the DA! The Municipality provides jobs and work and salaries for all involved with the municipality, whatever political party they are connected with or are representing. And employees of the city of Cape Town, including councillors and the mayor must work for all of the city and that means looking after sports provision and making the city’s resources and facilities avaliable to sport.
Its obvious that the city is strangling football and netball, the popular sports of the working class people? How can the city’s administration not ensure that the football world cup stadium is not adequately looked after and prepared for football? How can the city allow a club to dictate use of its netball facility in Belville when the regional netball federation, Cape Town Netball requires a big facility for its netball activities?
The city of Cape Town’s representative, JP Smith at the announcement of the 2023 netball host country, told the world how the city of Cape Town will look after and help netball develop. Where is the help coming from the city of cape Town? Then there’s the ongoing accommodation space conflict between the city and SAFA Cape Town with the city intent on having SAFA CT, a regional football structure put out of a football stadium, that is the Athlone stadium. There’s also the neglect and rare maintenance of sports grounds, especially in working class communities.
What is the DA-administered city of Cape Town trying to prove in its rightful responsibility of providing sport and making sports facilities available and accessible? Its very clear that the city of Cape Town doesn’t respect working class communities and their sports. Its also very clear that the city of Cape Town is strangling sport in working class communities and sports played largely by the working class. And its very clear that the DA-controlled city of Cape Town doesn’t exist for the people and should be challenged, exposed and called out until they leave office!

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