SAFA Must Hold National Under 15 Girls Football Training Camps, Play u15 Internationals By Cheryl Roberts

18 Sep

South Africa starts much too late with the development of girl footballers. SAFA plays girl internationals only from under 17 level. What SA women’s football needs is for under 15 girl footballers to be developed and get international experience before they are playing under 17 football.
Several countries are tuned into girls football development and are already playing girls football internationals at under 15 and under 13 levels. A captured country like Palestine already plays under 13 girl football inernationals.
How does SAFA expect the national under 17 team to perform admirably and win against countries who’ve been playing u13 and u15 internationals and SA started its international girls football development just with u17 internationals?
Get this! South Africa’s national women’s football team is not world class. They not even African champions. We must develop the girl footballers so that in 5-8 years time, SA has a better chance of competing against the world’s better prepared and higher ranked teams. Girl footballers develop at a faster rate than older women footballers. Invest in the u13, u15 and u17 girl footballers and reap the positive dividends in the mid-2020’s.

A proposal is for SAFA to host a national under 15 girls football training camp in the upcoming school holidays. Call up about 30 under 15 girl footballers and play them in a ten day national training camp. Have a database of the under 15 players. Keep in touch with their club coaches and track their development.
Also, involve fomer internaional footballers such as Portia Modise and Jo-Anne Solomons in working with and coaching at the national under 15 training camp. These fomer players who are now coaching are still respected and remembered by the girl footballers. Most importantly, the coaches have lots to offer SA girl football development.


This under 15 girls football team should also be engaging in friendly intenationals. SAFA should arrange friendlies with Botswana, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Zambia. SA’sunder 15 girl football need to be developed now for under 17 world cup qualifiers in two years time.

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