WECSA Supports Talent Identification In Western Cape Netball By Cheryl Roberts

24 Oct

WECSA And Western Cape Netball Establish Partnership To Grow Netball Talent

The 2023 netball world cup will be hosted by South Africa and played in Cape Town and partnerships are already underway to assist and support the Western Cape’s emerging netball talent to be developed into national and inernational players.
A provincial partnership between a provincial sports academy and provincial netball structure is already making it all happen and positive results are already surfacing.
WECSA is the Western Cape Sports Academy. Western Cape Netball administers development and advancement of netball in the Western Cape. Together, WECSA and Western Cape Netball are on a mission, with objectives clearly defined, to discover netball talent in the Western cape, to assist the atlented netballers to further develop in the sport and to strengthen the Western Cape’s national league team, the Stings netball team.
‘It was three years ago that Western Cape Netball approached WECSA with a plan to further develop netball in the Western Cape. It was called: ‘The Western Cape Netball Performance Plan’. It was a good plan with clear achievable objectives and we got started on working together with this plan,’ explains WECSA manager, Mr Wayne Weitz.
‘The Western Cape Netball Performance Plan’ focussed on talent identification for netball talent in all districts comprising the Western cape netball structure. The six districts are: West Coast, Cape Town, Central Karoo, Cape Winelands, Overberg, Eden. No district was left out which meant no netballer would be undiscovered, nor ignored.
Former SA international netballer Danlee Matthews, who is now an elite level coach, drives the Western Cape’s netball performance plan with coach and coaching education.
And its through coach Danlee Matthews’ erstwhile and sincere efforts that much netball talent in all 6 netball playing districts of the Western Cape.
About 85 players were selected for high performance assessment, training, conditioning and support. Wecsa ensured that the suppprt project was loalised so players had the necessary assistanec and support in the areas where they palyed netball. Support for the high perfomance netball initiative comes in the form of nutrition, gym training, phsycological, and player assessments and coaching.
‘Coach Danlee Matthews provided the necessary and vital technical expertise to the coaches and helped them identify talent. She also provided the training programmes. But coach Danlee Matthews didn’t just leave it there. She monitored and assessed the entire project consistently, worked through its weaknesses and strengthened the programme. Today, several talented girl and young women netballers are being supported by this collaboration and their netball game is improving,’ says Wayne Weitz, who oversees the project and ensures the high perormance project collaborative project is making positive strides.
This high performance regional project ensures that under-resourced communities are very much in the programme and supported. ‘We don’t want any netball club or district to be left out or ignored. Netball talent exists all over the Western Cape and we must look out for this talent and ensure that its developed with the necessary resources and support.’
Already, the fruits of this collaborative relationship between WECSA and Western Cape Netball are surfacing with provincial age group talented netballers coming through the system and some netballers already using this project to impact on the Stings netball team.
‘The project is coach-driven and athlete-centered and we work with 6 districts loaded with netball enthusiasm, passion and talent’, says Danlee Matthews, Stings netball team assistant coach and driver of the programme. ‘The results are looking good judging from the Western Cape’s performances in national touranments this year. We can see the players are benefitting, especially from Wecsa’s scientific and athlete-needs support like psychological assessment and gym training and nutrition’.
And, with the 2023 netball world cup due to be held in Cape Town, both WECSA and Western Cape Netball want to see a netball player or players coming out of this high performance system to play for South Africa in the world cup.
The project is till ongoing and continues into 2020.

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