South Africa’s Women’s Cricket Team Must Be Cleaned Out Of White Privilege Cabals By Cheryl Roberts

29 Oct

South Africa’s Women’s Cricket Team Must Be Cleaned Out Of White Privilege Cabals By Cheryl RobertsIMG_8692

Women’s cricket in South Africa, administered by Cricket South Africa must be assessed at all levels of the game featuring girls and women in cricket. Just as men’s cricket in SA needs renewal and vibrant going-forward responses, so too does women’s cricket.
South Africa’s women’s cricket recently completed a tour of India where SA lost both the T20 and ODI tournaments. SA didn’t win both both the T20 and ODI events against Pakistan at home; SA won just one series. Against the emerging Bangladesh team, played at home in SA, again the national emerging team, loaded with international players, didn’t win all its matches. Since that world cup when SA reached the semi-finals, the questions being asked are how has the SA women’s cricket team advanced and what have they really achieved?
To start off with how about CSA look at the coaching and mangement staff of the national women’s cricket team. How does CSA account for all these men officials in charge of the women’s cricket team? Look at the national selection committee, the coaches, the management. Its all men officials. When is SA going to give opportunities to women coaches and managers at international levels? Surely it can’t all be about the men when there are several women coaches and managers at provincial women’s cricket.
Are the coaches of the women’s cricket team taking the team forward? What are they offering the team and players in terms of advancement and improvement? Coaching staff and management of the SA women’s cricket team have been in those positions for a long time. But they are not producing the results that should be achieved by a team that has quality world class players. Has CSA spoken to the players and heard their complaints, grievances and opinions?
This next issue that I raise could be harsh and player sensitive but it must be put on the table, spoken about and eliminated. White player privilege exists in SA’s national women’s cricket team and it must be eliminated. There are cabals existing in the national women’s cricket team and these cabals impact on who gets game time and plays international matches. This has been going on for many international matches where white players, because they are supposedly ‘experienced’, get all the game time but the black players get some here and there. Yes, I agree some white players have been dropped or excluded from some internationals and some black players get lots of game time. But its just a few of white players who get dropped and black players who et lots of game time, here and there.
How must black batters develop and gain confidence if they getting one or two chances, then dropped again and when they do get batting game time, they are played down the order when they are top order batters for their provinces? You get what I’m saying?
There’s a coach and a player from Northerns who ensure white privilege is protected in provincial and national women’s cricket teams when they are in charge as a coach and captain. How does a white coach account for playing a black bowler in just one over and then not playing her again, despite the bowler taking a wicket in her one and only over? This happened at the SuperLeague weekend of matches. And black players in Northerns cricket and outside have complained about this coach. When certain white players captain at provinial and international levels, they ensures their favoured white players are getting game time even when they not performing and not deserving to play.
These are serious grievances from black players. They are afraid to speak out for fear of being dropped, not selected or losing their contract or not getting a contract.
South Africa’s women’s cricket team is admittedly the best representative of SA’s people and demographics. But underlyng this team and within the team, is this persistent white privilege that gives most white players much more opportunities than that given to black players. Seemingly, the women’s team coaches and management allow these cabals to fester and grow because they want ‘to be liked and favoured’ by the white players, whose opinions they value more than those of the black players.
Get this! SA’s national women’s cricket team, just like its men’s team is just not performing internationally. And this has been going on for a long time. This women’s team must be assessed and cleaned out, starting with coaches and management, white privilege and cabalism.

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