Meet South Africa’s Three Black Women Pro Golfers ‘Taking Up Space’ On The Golf Course By Cheryl Roberts

10 Jan


Golf is known to be a ‘rich man’s sport’ with few working class people being able to survive in this very expensive sport. Now South Africa has three black women pro golfers: Siviwe Duma, Zethu Myeki and Yolanda Duma. They not rich, nor come from wealthy families and come from Mdantsane in East London.

The Duma sisters were introduced to golf as development players and played the amateur circuit in SA. A few years ago, they took the plunge and, despite having no sponsor nor personal funds, they turned pro and became South Africa’s pioneering and first black women rpo golfers.
Out of the amateur ranks comes Zethu Myeki, also from Mdantsane and one of SA’s top amateur women golfers. Towards the end of last year, Zethu Myeki took the big decision to turn pro and signed the professional documentation.
Now SA has three black women golfers. They are struggling golfers with no sponsors and are having to look all over for support and very quickly so they can get onto the Sunshine Tour, that kicks off soon.
In this exclusive interview with Cheryl Roberts, publisher of ‘South African sportsWoman’ publication, the first such interview featuring all three SA black women pro golfers, I asked the questions and Siviwe Duma, Zethu Myeki and Yolanda Duma told us about their being pro golfers.
Q: Are you sponsored as a professional golfer? How do you find your pro tour participation?
Siviwe Duma: No, I don’t have a sponsor. But fortunately there’s a community doctor in Mdantsane helping us out with our pro tour costs. It’s been two year’s of getting his valued support. He has been helping myself and sister Yolanda while we are still searching for a sponsor. But this year, our doctor support won’t be there and now we are struggling to get some funds to play on the Sunshine Tour.
Zethu Myeki: I don’t have a sponsor. I’m still looking for sponsors. I hope something comes up before my first pro tournament on the Sunshine Tour.
Yolanda Duma: No, I’m not sponsored by a corporate company and my pro tour participation improves every year. I have been fortunate to be financially assisted by a doctor in our community in Mdantsane.
Q: What is your training schedule leading up to the Sunshine Tour?
Siviwe Duma: I’m training daily at the East London golf club and have found new ways for my golf training that will hopefully improve my golf. I’m very much looking forward to playing golf in 2020.
Zethu Myeki: I do two hours of gym five times a week and six hours of golf six times a week.
Yolanda Duma: I make sure I practice everyday so that I stay golf fit.
Q: What are your personal objectives playing the 2020 Sunshine Tour?
Siviwe Duma: To make the cut for as many tournaments as I can. So that I can make some money, too.
Zethu Myeki: I’m looking forward to the season; this being my first season as a golf pro. Playing professional golf has always been a dream of mine and now it’s coming true.
Yolanda Duma: I’m hoping on making at least four top 10’s and at least two top 5’s this year and hopefully make all cuts on tour.
Q: Are you hoping to play any tournaments outside SA, this year?
Siviwe Duma: Yes, looking forward to play outside SA, as well. For that I must try to get to Q school in Europe and get my card for the LET.
Zethu Myeki: Yes, I would love to. But that depends on a sponsor and sponsorship.
Yolanda Duma: Yes. I’m hoping on going to Q school in Europe towards the end of the year.
Q: Are you working with a coach?
Siviwe Duma: Not working with a coach, at this moment. I’m working out on my own. I’ve decided for now to take my golf to another level alone and yeah so far I’m impressed.
Zethu Myeki: Yes, with coach Costanza Trussoni.
Yolanda Duma: Im not working with a coach, at this moment.
Q: Will you be caddying for yourself or having a caddy on the Sunshine Tour?
Siviwe Duma: I believe a caddy is important on the tour; not that you depend on it, but to have someone helping with the bag and motivate you to do well. If I have some money, then I will use a caddy. If I don’t have the money, I will carry my bags.
Zethu Myeki: I will get a caddy.
Yolanda Duma: I’ll be caddying for myself. There’s no money to pay a caddy although I would like to help a caddy get some work.
Q: Do you have a golf attire and clubs sponsor?
Siviwe Duma: Nope. No attire sponsor. I was sponsored clubs last in 2017 by Ernie Els and Fancourt Foundation.
Zethu Myeki: No. I don’t have any sponsors.
Yolanda Duma: No, nothing with sponsorship of me as a pro golfer.
Q: Any special diets you following to stay healthy on tour?
Siviwe Duma: Yeah on tour, I believe you have to eat well e.g cooked meals and not take aways. Rest is important, too. So resting is important and sleeping early; that’s what I do 20h00 is the latest for me to sleep so that the following day can be a new day and I’m fresh for another day on the golf course.
Zethu Myeki: I’m not on any specific diet. I just watch what I eat.
Yolanda Duma: Not really a special diet but I eat healthy food on tour so that my performance improves in every tournament and I can be consistently good.
Q: Are you proud of yourself being a black woman pro golfer in SA?
Siviwe Duma: For sure
Zethu Myeki: Yes
Yolanda Duma: Always proud

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