Teenage Springbok Anacadia Minnaar Wants To Play Pro Rugby By Cheryl Roberts

16 Jan

Rugby Player Anacadia Minnaar From Middelburg In The Karoo Is One Of South Africa’s Talented Rugby Players. In this Q and A interview in the series ‘South Africa’s Sportsgirl Talent In Conversation With Cheryl Roberts’, Teenager Anacadia Minnar tells us about her participation in rugby.

In 2019, whilst in her matric year at school in Middelburg in the Karoo, Anacadia Minnaar got selected for the Eastern Province women’s rugby team, the SA u20 women’s rugby team and the women Springboks team. It was indeed an exhilarating and memorable year of selections and representations for the teenage girl rugby player.

So inspired is Anacadia Minnaar by her achievements in rugby, that she wants to be a professional rugby player. But her immediate ambitions are to work hard at her rugby and hopefully make the Springbok team to play in the 2021 women’s rugby world cup. And another ambition for Anacadia Minnaar is to play sevens rugby.

I asked Anacadia Minnaar the questions and she gave us more insight into her life as a rugby player……..

Q: How did you start playing rugby?

Anacadia Minnaar: I started playing rugby because I went to the field practicing my athletics and then they (from the rugby team) asked me to join them on the rugby field and I fell in love with the game.

Q: What do you enjoy about playing rugby?

Anacadia Minnaar: I enjoy the team training and the team work and I like when my team wins. And I also like my team’s sisterhood.

Q: What have been your achievements as a rugby player?

Anacadia Minnaar: uhmm…. When I started playing I didn’t think that I would go so far so quickly like being a Springbok in my matric year because I didn’t know anything about rugby and I sort of told myself no ‘No, I won’t make it far….’.

Thus far my achievements are playing for u/16 Eastern Province team twice, u/18 EP team twice and I was the captain of the u18 team, one year.

I played u/20 YTC Games for Eastern Province and I played in the u/20 SA team against Zimbabwe. I also play in the Eastern Province senior women’s rugby team and I played in the Springbok team against Scotland.

Q: In 2019, you played for EP women’s team, SA u20 and Springboks. That was amazing representation. Tell us more about your 2019 playing year?

Anacadia Minnaar: The year 2019 was hard because I had to put in a lot of hardwork as a matric learner and as a rugby player.

I had to give my best to make it to the u/20 SA team and the senior EP team and the Springbok team.

So, 2019 was a tough year but I managed to pull through at the end and am proud of myself. Now that I know what I can achieve, I hope to do much better and improve more in 2020.

Q: And you were doing matric, and passed matric and played for the Springboks. How did you manage it all?

Anacadia Minnaar: I was struggling a lot and somehow I had to come up with a plan and make decisions about my school work and my rugby training.

So I told myself that I should concentrate more on school and practice less because being in matric required my attention. But that was a big challenge because practicing rugby was very important to me and it’s something that I love a lot.

So it was hard because I wanted to do my best in both my school work and rugby, but at the end, only one had my full attention and that was rugby. School also had my attention but not as how I gave to my sports.

Q: What would you like to achieve from playing rugby?

Anacadia Minnaar: Something that I really want to do is to play sevens rugby and I know that I know that I will have to work hard to achieve what I am dreaming about.

Q: What will you be doing after matric?

Anacadia Minnaar: I don’t really know at the moment but I will send my CV to shops here in Middelburg to see when I can get a work so I can go and study further and if that’s not going to work then I will work for my parents and give back what they gave me.

Q: Would you like to play pro rugby?

Anacadia Minnaar: I would like to because I feel like I hav the talent but that I know I should work hard to get there as a professional player.

Q: What is your training schedule as a rugby player?

Anacadia Minnaar: I jog in the mornings and afternoons with my teammates and coach. Then we go to the field for some fitness and some skill practicing and some contact training.

Q: Are you aiming to be in the Springbok team and play in the rugby World Cup in 2021?

Anacadia Minnaar: I am. I am.

Uhm, but I also know that we are a lot of ladies that are in the women’s squad and not everyone is going to make it to the World Cup.

So, if I am not going to make it then I will just have to work harder to make it for the next world cup and rectify my mistakes that will make me go to the 2025 World Cup with my sisters. It will be heartbroken and stuff if I don’t make the world cup team but you have to face up to the disappointment of non-selection. If you didn’t train hard and if you didn’t give 110% then don’t think that you will make it to the world cup because only hardworking people can make that team and for those that’s been working hard and aren’t selected then just work a bit harder and let that be our inspiration.

What do you do besides playing rugby?

Anacadia Minnaar: I was playing netball as well but our netball activities have stopped. I don’t know why but I am going to try and get me something to do for when I have nothing to do like reading or so.

Q: Were you famous at school and in your community when you became a Springbok in your matric year?

Anacadia Minnaar: A little bit yes. Uhm…. some of the people ask when I’m leaving to go and play then I say ‘no, I will be called if I need to go out of town’. A lot of people at school and in my community know that I am playing rugby for Eastern Province and Springbok.

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