Phumza Maweni Thrives On Playing Top Drawer Netball By Cheryl Roberts

19 Jan


At 35 years old and a sportswoman mother, Phumza Maweni is still one of the world’s top netballers. That’s not all! Phumza Maweni is improving her netball and retirement isn’t something she has finalised with herself. She’s still available to play for South Africa.
So the good stuff is that world class netballer Phumza Maweni, still playing at the top of the game, is intent on improving and becoming a better netballer.
In this Q and A interview, I asked Phumza Maweni the questions and she gave the answers; giving us all the information we wanted to know about her and netball as she enters the 2020 season.

Q: How have you enjoyed your first pro season in Australia?
Phumza Maweni: It was fantastic. I really enjoyed myself on and off the court.
Q: After the World Cup, were you feeling re-energised?
Phumza Maweni: The was very little time to recover between the World Cup and Suncorp League in Australia. But we were fortunate that the franchise organised all things that would help us to quickly recover after a gruelling WC and be ready for our pro league games.


Q: You recently committed to playing another season in pro netball in Australia. What influenced your decision?
Phumza Maweni: I think the values of franchise netball taught me a lot of being a better athlete and as a person.
Q: How far away to retirement are you? Will you be taking it season by season?
Phumza Maweni: I haven’t come to that decision yet about retiring.
Q: And playing for South Africa? Will you be selective with your internationals for SA or play all of them when selected?
Phumza Maweni: I am still in the squad. If I get an opportunity to play and I am available, then I definitely will play for SA.
Q: How have you been enjoying your time in SA when you’ve been back home?
Phumza Maweni: It’s always nice to be back home and see my family and friends. I really had a great time in December holidays, especially with my son.
Q: What are you expecting from your SA team in the forthcoming international series to be played in England?
Phumza Maweni: We are all looking forward to the Vitality Cup in England and for South Africa to perform well and win.
Q: You were selected ‘player of the match’ in the last Test: SA v England in Cape Town? How are you managing to play top drawer netball at 35 years old?
Phumza Maweni: I’m sure it’s to do with all my experience attained from playing elite netball and also, I am working very hard at netball training everyday.
Q: What do you still want to achieve from netball as an elite player?
Phumza Maweni: To learn more skills that will help grow and benefit our defensive structure.
Q: And your netball ambitions for 2020?

Phumza Maweni: To win the Vitality Series in the UK and Suncorp League in Australia.
Q: What is your training schedule as a pro netball player?
Phumza Maweni: I am typically training 6 days of the week, doing 3 gym sessions and 3 court sessions, daily.
Q: Can SA become the best netball team in the world?
Phumza Maweni: Yes, of course. SA can do better. I think now at this stage we are strong enough mentally and physically to compete against the best.

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