Langa’s Springbok Rugby Player Sinazo Mcatshulwa Is Focussed On Playing In The 2021 Women’s Rugby World Cup By Cheryl Roberts

22 Jan

Sinazo Mcatshulwa started playing rugby at primary school in Langa on the Cape Flats. Today, over ten years later, Sinazo Mcatshulwa represents her club Busy Bees, her provincial team Western Province and has played for South Africa in both 15’s and 7’s national teams.
23 year old Sinazo Mcatshulwa is considered one of South Africa’s talented and pivotal young women rugby players. She’s a treasure to both her provincial team WP and national team SA.
Now recovering from an injury sustained late last year, Sinazo Mcatshulwa is determined to be fit and strong on the rugby field. After all, Sinazo’s sports dream is to represent South Africa at the 2021 rugby World Cup in New Zealand.
In this Q and A interview with ‘South African SportsWoman’ Publisher, Cheryl Roberts, we learn more about Sinazo Mcatshulwa, the exciting rugby player from Langa.

Q: How did you start playing rugby?
Sinazo Mcatshulwa: I started playing rugby at primary school in Langa in Cape Town. My teacher asked me if I can play rugby because at that time I was in sports already, playing hockey and netball in primary school. Then I said ‘yes I can try it’. And that is how I started playing rugby.
Q: You got injured at a crucial stage of the SA interprovincial championship, last year. How is your injury rehabilitation coming along?
Sinazo Mcatshulwa: Yeah, I’m much better than before because now I’m doing my rehabilitation that started in December already. So I’m getting there. At the moment with my rehab, I don’t feel any pain, just stiffness. So we fixing the stiffness now; then after that’s gone I will start running.
Q: Before the injury, you were a standout player for Western Province. You also got selected for SA 7’s team. And you would have been selected for the Springboks home matches series. You must have been disappointed with the injury? How have you sustained a positive mindset thru it all?
Sinazo Mcatshulwa: It was tough knowing I was going to miss the internationals and Tests at home in South Africa. But I just told myself to relax and accept that I’m injured. So I allowed the doctors to fix my knee so that this year there’s nothing that will stand in front of me and being on the rugby field, playing the sport I love. I want to come back into both teams – 7’s and 15’s – and be strong.


Q: Tell us more about your selections and representations in rugby?
Sinazo Mcatshulwa: My rugby selections started in 2010 when I got selected got the under 16 Western Province girls team. Thereafter, I didn’t stop playing and training. Then I got selected for the under 20 SA team. That was in 2013. After that selection, I decided to work hard at my rugby because I wanted to play in the senior women’s Western Province team. That selection was realised when I wasn’t yet 20 years old. I started playing for the WP team in 2015. A few years ago I got my call up to the national training squad. Then I made the end of year tour to Europe in 2018. I got selected for the Springbok team that played in the Africa Cup and qualified for the World Cup. In 2019, I also got my SA 7’s team selection. We played in a tournament in Europe. I was disappointed when I got injured last year, as it ruled me out of Springbok selection.
Q: What is your training schedule like?
Sinazo Mcatshulwa: I’m at the rehab stage, after my injury. In the morning, I’m doing weights. Later in the day, I’m doing my rehabilitation and cardio.
Q: How old are you? How long have you been playing rugby?
Sinazo Mcatshulwa: I’m 23 years old; turned 23 in December. I’ve been playing rugby from primary school, since 2009.
Q: What do you like about playing rugby?
Sinazo Mcatshulwa: I don’t wanna lie…..I like the fitness training, then ball skills. Then on the field I like to tackle.
Q: What would you like to achieve from rugby over the next 3 years?Sinazo Mcatshulwa: I want to represent South Africa at the 2021 rugby World Cup in New Zealand.


Q: Would you like to play pro rugby?
Sinazo Mcatshulwa: Yes. I would like to play pro rugby outside of SA. Playing in New Zealand would be great.
Q: Do you prefer 15’s or 7’s rugby?
Sinazo Mcatshulwa: Both 15’s and 7’s.
Q: What would you like to see being done for women’s rugby in SA?
Sinazo Mcatshulwa: I would like to see more young girls playing Springbok rugby. And also to see the players working harder so we can achieve much more as rugby players.

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