Eastern Cape’s Gifted Woman Springbok Aseza Hele Can’t Wait To Play In Her First Women’s Rugby World Cup By Cheryl Roberts

12 Feb

aseza hela springbok
In this Q and A interview with ‘South African SportsWoman’ publisher, Cheryl Roberts we learn more about Aseza Hele’s rugby passion and ambitions.

Q: Congratulations on your national women’s rugby achiever of the year award, bestowed upon you by SA Rugby. Were you expecting the award?
Aseza Hele: Not at all. I didn’t expect anything like a national award.
Q: You had an outstanding 2019 season for Eastern Province and national team. What did you enjoy most about your performances, last season?
Aseza Hele: I enjoyed most when I touched down and scored tries.
Q: You helped South Africa qualify for the 2021 women’s rugby World Cup. You excited about the prospect of probably playing in your first World Cup?
Aseza Hele: Sooooo excited. I can’t wait for the world cup and for the new experience.
Q: What are you hoping to achieve on the rugby field, this season?
Aseza Hela: Score more tries, score more points and win most of our games at provincial and national level.
Q: Have you started pre-season training? Tell us about your rugby training schedule?
Aseza Hele: Yes I’ve started training already. I’m training three times a day. I do two session from the training programme that we got from the Springbok training schedule and I do one session with my team mates from Kwaru club.
Q: How did you start playing rugby?
Aseza Hele: I was taking a jog in the Dan QeQe stadium in Zwide in Port Elizabeth then there was this coach rugby XOLA JACOBS. He called me, asked me to join rugby. I refused at first but finally agreed. Got started with playing rugby and then I never looked back.
Q: Do you know about the rugby legend Dan QeQe?
Aseza Hele: No, I don’t now much but I do know that he helped develop rugby in black communities and he built the Dan QeQe stadium.
Q: Your most admired rugby players in SA and in world rugby?
Aseza Hele: My two legend women rugby players Nomsebenzi Tsotsobe and Mandisa Williams of women Springboks.
Q: What improvements would you like to see for women’s rugby to advance in SA?
Aseza Hele: Would love to see women’s rugby in South Africa develop and grow, as we have youngsters that are knocking at the doors of provincial and national rugby and they need opportunities.
Q: Would you like to play pro rugby? In which country?
Aseza Hele: Yes, I want to play ppo rugby. In New Zealand, England or USA.

2aseza hela springbok
Q: Your provincial and Springbok teammates rate you very highly as a player and value your contribution on the field. You obviously enjoy playing a team sport like rugby?
Aseza Hele: I also value my Springbok players. And yes, I enjoy the sport a lot.
Q: How will you be approaching improvements to your game as SA heads towards the women’s rugby World Cup?
Aseza Hela: There’s no other way than by working hard and getting better than before, fixing our last year’s mistakes and moving forward towards our goals.
Q: What are you doing besides playing rugby? Are you studying/working?
Aseza Hela: Studying this year…..Still hustling for work
Q: Can SA improve as a national women’s rugby team and be very competitive at the 2021 World Cup?
Aseza Hele: Yes, it can improve. Yes SAwill be competitive because we have ladies that are committed and have lots of talent.

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