Who Is Best To Lead SASCOC? By Cheryl Roberts

8 Mar



SASCOC controls and administers sport in South Africa, outside of government. With SASCOC due to have elections for election officials to serve on both the executive committee and SASCOC Board, we must ask about the quality of officials and sports leaders that are available to lead SASCOC.

I stated in a previous article that SASCOC must have authentic leadership. Where will this authentic, honest, visionary leadership come from? It should and must include sports of athletics, swimming and netball because athletics and swimming are not only the Olympic sports that have brought in South Africa’s Olympic medals but because these sports have shown they are organised to surface talent and produce Olympic and world championship medals. And obviously the leadership of these sports knows what it takes to organise and deliver sport from grassroots to elite participation. And netball because it’s the biggest women’s sports in South Africa. Sports such as rugby, football and cricket can stay out of this election!

Who and what should be the SASCOC line-up? The President of Swimming South Africa, Alan Fritz gets my support. So does the President of Athletics South Africa, Aleck Skhosana. And also the President of Netball South Africa Cecilia Molokwane. Lets back either Alan Fritz or Aleck Skhosana for President and first vice-president of SASCOC. Because whomever becomes SASCOC president must resign from their national federation as an official and because the country needs Cecilia Molokwane to stay on as President of NSA until the 2023 netball world cup in SA, we can’t have Cecilia Molokwane becoming SASCOC president now. But Cecilia Molokwane must be on the SASCOC exco.

I’m also of the opinion that Barry Hendricks, from Gauteng Sports Confederaton should be part of the SASCOC officialdom because he desperately wants to be there and because he doesn’t come from a national federation but from a provincial sports structure. After doing my research, I concluded that Barry Hendricks is not the person to lead SASCOC nor become Pesident of SASCOC. An exco position is okay for Barry Hendricks, but not SASCOC Presidency.

Officials like Kobus Marais and Jerry Segwaba and Merrill King shouldn’t serve on SASCOC, anymore. They have been there on SASCOC and have reached their sell by date. They really can’t offer SASCOC anything new and need to make way for new, fresh, visionary leadership. Some of the women officials that SASCOC needs and must include are the experienced Nomsa Mahlangu and Ntambi Ravele.

What we don’t want is ambitious people, especially men officials who are intent and determined to gain control of SASCOC. What we don’t want is a Coloured cabal gaining control of SASCOC. What we don’t want are those who have business connections and interests and who want control of SASCOC for their personal business iterests. This is where Aleck Skhosana, Cecilia Molokwane and Allan Fritz show up as the non-business connected officials in sport. They are not involved in personal businesses and obviously don’t want to get control of SASCOC to grow their business and make business.

At the time of writing this opinion article, there’s an uproar about the SASCOC nominations after ASA President Aleck Skhosana and Netball SA President Cecilia Molokwane had their nominations ‘thrown out’ because of some ‘out of order irregularities’ regarding documents required for the nominations process.


Should the SASCOC elections be postponed? They surely should not be allowed to go ahead if the nominations of Aleck Skhosana and Cecilia Molokwane are not accepted. Athletics and netball are SA’s ‘BIG’ sports and SASCOC can’t and should not do without these officials for the journey ahead.

I’m going to state this again about the SASCOC leadership! We don’t want same old, same old officials serving on SASCOC. One term is enough for all of you. And we don’t want cabals controlling SASCOC. Independent, visionary leadership is what sport in SA requires. And we don’t want those people who will divide SASCOC.

Sports federations are encouraged and urged to think about authentic leadership to be in charge of SASCOC. Don’t accept promises from presidential candidates desperate to get SASCOC votes. Remember that the Presidents of Athletics South Africa and Swimming South Africa have no business connections but are 8-5 salaried employees so they are not going to be enriching themselves and business connections.

How do you decide on authentic leadership? Look at the candidates and how they go about achieving for their sport and leading their sport. You will find independent, visionary leadership in the sports led by capable, authentic officials.

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