Teenage Springbok Unam Tose Wants To Be World Rugby’s Top Scrum Half By Cheryl Roberts

9 Mar


At just 19 years old, Unam Tose last year became a Springbok when she got called up to the Springbok team to play Scotland in South Africa. That’s not all! Teenage rugby player Unam Tose who plays provincial rugby for Border, also got given the women Springboks vice-captain position in the last match against Scotland in Cape Town. Not yet 20 years old but Unam Tose already knows she wants to be world rugby’s outstanding scrum half and to be a rugby World Cup champion.

In this Q and A interview with ‘South African SportsWoman’ Publisher, Cheryl Roberts, we learn about Unam Tose’s love of rugby, her rugby ambitions and World Cup ambitions.

Q: You had a remarkable 2019 rugby year. What are your reflections on your performances?
Unam Tose: My reflections: I’m happy and proud of myself for being able to implement what my coaches taught me and also be able to connect with other players because I believe they also played a part in my performances.
Q: In 2019, still a teenager, you made the Springbok team. How did this national selection impact on you?
Unam Tose: Being a Springbok was the most thing I ever wanted. That impacted on me to do good at all times because I’m no longer representing me only and now there’s a nation/country involved.
Q: And your appointment as Springbok Vice Captain for the match: SA v Scotland must have surprised you. What did you learn from that international game?
Unam Tose: A: I never saw that coming, but it was a lesson that boosted my communication and leadership skills.
Q: Are you studying this year?
Unam Tose: A: Yes. I’m a second year student at University of Fort Hare.
Q: Are you hoping to play pro rugby soon outside South Africa?
Unam Tose: A: Not too soon because I’m still studying. But I do want to one day play pro rugby. I’d love to…..,
Q: Tell us about your rugby training with Border women’s rugby and Springbok team.
Unam Tose: A: Border is a house of pain and love. When I’m training with them, I feel loved and feel energy every where. At Border, everyone wants to learn new skills.
And with Springboks it’s level of training is much higher than provincial Border. But the motivation is the same as the spirit at both training sessions.
Q: When and where did you start playing rugby?
Unam Tose: A: I started playing in 2012 at Tsholomnqa in the Eastern Cape.
Q: Who are your role models in rugby?
Unam Tose: My role models are women rugby players from Botder, Aphiwe Ngwevu and Lusanda Dumke, and men rugby players Faf de klerk and Aaron Smith.
Q: What would you like to achieve from rugby over the next 3 years?
Unam Tose: To be known worldwide as a best scrum half and to be a rugby World Cup winner.
Q: You obviously want to play in a women’s rugby World Cup. You working on making it to play for SA in the 2021 women’s WC?
Unam Tose: Yes. For sure.
Q: What improvements do you hope to see for women’s rugby in SA?
Unam Tose: For women’s rugby to be recognised and for women’s rugby games in South Africa to be televised and sponsored.

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