Banyana Banyana’s Lebogang Ramalepe Keenly Awaits Playing In SNWL And Securing Pro Contract

28 Mar

Lebogang Ramalepe is one of South Africa’s finest footballers. Born and raised in Limpopo, Lebogang Ramalepe led her football team Ma-Indies from Limpopo into SAFA’s women’s national league. Lebogang now keenly awaits the start of SA’s next edition of SNWL to show her football prowess. And of course, she’s awaiting that sought after pro contract. In this Q and A interview with ‘South African SportsWoman’ Publisher, Cheryl Roberts, we get to know about footballer Lebogang Ramalepe

Q: How did 2020 Open for you and football? What went down with you and football?
Lebogang Ramalepe: I can say the year 2020 hasn’t come been much productive for me football wise, because we are still waiting for the SNWL season to end and start the new season in order for my team to join and start playing in the national league.

Q: You captained Ma-Indies to win a national league berth. You must be excited about playing in the national league?
Lebogang Ramalepe: I’m overwhelmed. It’s like a prophesy coming to reality. I have always wanted to qualify for the SNWL with the team that made me the better person I’m today and I really can’t wait to play part in the national league.

Q: And then came the first Banyana Banyana national training camp and international friendly for 2020 with you named as South African captain. Tell us about your emotions and experiences being appointed captain of Banyana Banyana against Lesotho.
Lebogang Ramalepe: I was so happy and nervous at the same time ‘coz I never thought I would captain the national team anytime soon after being the 2nd vice captain at the world cup. But I took the challenge and did my best on the day of the game.

Q: I’m sure you can’t wait to get back on the football field after #coronavirus pandemic has been eliminated from our lives. What are you hoping to achieve as a footballer in 2020?
Lebogang Ramalepe: Yes, the waiting has been long for me and my team and with all this happening now the #coronaVirus pandemic is really disrupting the preparations but we just have to be patient and obey the laws and wait until everything is back to normal. I wanna do my best in the league and also, I was hoping to secure a contract abroad but I don’t think it will happen anytime soon ‘coz of this pandemic.

Q: What else do you do besides playing football? Are you a full-time player?
Lebogang Ramalepe: I have registered a short course at an FET but I can say I’m a full time footballer, just that this year I decided to challenge myself and try juggle both.

Q: And that pro club signing? Are you anywhere near signing for a pro club outside SA?
Lebogang Ramalepe: Mmmmh…..I can’t say I’m near to nailing that contract but I’m always ready for a challenge to go play abroad.

Q: What is your club training schedule like?
Lebogang Ramalepe: The team has been training since the start of March but then, after the out break of #coronavirus, everything is put on hold and I’m believing that once everything is back to normal, we will continue with preparations.

Q: Your most admired footballers? And sportswomen?
Lebogang Ramalepe: Growing up I have had many players I looked up to. In 2009 I had an opportunity to play against the best in the province and that was Noko Matlou in the Sasol league. And I have watched her many times in the national team colours with the likes of Amanda Dlamini, Mamello Makhabane, Sanah Mollo and the other players. At an early age I really wanted to be just like them and represent the nation.

Q: Your toughest football opponents?
Lebogang Ramalepe: USA, Germany and Sweden. These teams really made me run.

Q: Your fav music? And food?
Lebogang Ramalepe: I listen to all genres as long they have messages that speaks to my soul.

Q: What would you like to achieve as an international footballer?
Lebogang Ramalepe: Mmmh….I really can’t wait to reach 100 international caps and secure a contract abroad. I want to study and learn more about sports, not football only.

Q: Would you like to coach after retiring from international football?
Lebogang Ramalepe: Mmmmh….I never thought of coach but I would like to be more involved in football after my career is done.

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