South African Pro Footballer Ode Fulutudilu Worried About ‘Lives Being Lost’ During #CoronaVirus Pandemic By Cheryl Roberts

29 Mar


‘Not sad about not being able to play football. My anxiety/sad feelings comes from #coronavirus affecting people’s livelihood, lives being lost. The poor not being able 2 store enough food ‘cos they can’t afford it and people losing their jobs,’ says Ode Fulutudilu, SA footballer. This is a Q and A interview with Ode Fulutudilu and ‘South African SportsWoman’ Publisher, Cheryl Roberts during #coronavirus world pandemic.

Q: At this juncture of #coronavirus sport suspensions, how have you been affected?
Ode Fulutudilu: Our league is starting much later than anticipated just like everywhere else in Europe soccer has been put on pause for now until the situation subdues.

Q: How are you maintaining your fitness levels?
Ode Fulutudilu: We’ve actually been on preseason since January as our league was not meant to start until end of March. But now that it has been put on hold we have taken a week off so we can refresh and will be back to training at the gym as our gyms here are still open due to the situation not being as bad on the island that I am on. So I am still able to go to the gym and maintain my fitness until we can train as a big group.

Q: Your views on the #corononavirus and its impact on sport?
Ode Fulutudilu: I think it is something that everyone should take seriously because the more people take it seriously the better we can do to lower the curve so that things can get back to normal as soon as possible. But if we don’t take it seriously then who knows how long this can last.
It has stopped sporting events and leagues all over the world but this is not the most important thing because people’s lives are more important than sports.

Q: Are you experiencing any unhappiness, anxiety, sad feelings about sport events being postponed and you not being able to be playing the highest competitive level of your sport?
Ode Fulutudilu: My anxiety and sad feelings does not come from not being able to play at the highest level. My anxiety and sad feelings comes from the virus affecting people’s livelihoods and lives being lost. The poor not being able to store enough food because they can’t afford it and people losing their jobs. This makes me much more sad than anything else.

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