SAFA Women’s Football – SNWL Inaugural Season Awards As Chosen By ‘South African SportsWoman’ Publication, Published By Cheryl Roberts

8 Apr

sundowns ladies

SNWL Inaugural Season Awards As Chosen By ‘South African SportsWoman’ Publication, Published By Cheryl Roberts

After much pleas and cries and calls for a national professional women’s football league to be established in South Africa, SAFA finally got a national league going in August 2019. The SNWL, as it became known, didn’t have a chance to officially wrap, given South Africa went into national lockdown late March. But the national league – and not national pro league – did get played and a champion team materialised.
SAFA said publicly that it didn’t have a sponsor for the SNWL, that teams were given grants by SAFA but the amounts were never publicly known. Prize money for the inaugural women’s national championship never became public. Whether the players received salaries/wages never became publicly known.
What we do know is that the SNWL kicked off with 12 teams. Some teams were better resourced, several struggled. Some had some sponsorship attachment, most teams didn’t have a sponsor. A team like Durban Ladies struggled to attain a home ground for training and league matches. Teams had to travel mostly by road transport, including the long distance routes to fulfill league games.
SAFA, it’s about kicking into action the much awaited national league for women’s football in South Africa. For the teams and players, it was a national league that brought with it much struggle and anxiety as most team managements battled with inadequate financial resources.
Although the SNWL is yet to officially wrap, we do have playing results, logs and stats about performances. My publication ‘South African SportsWoman’ has initiated the ‘SNWL Inaugural Season Awards’. You may not agree with the selections. That’s okay. You can do your own awards. These are the awards selected by my publication ‘South African SportsWoman’.

Best Team of the Inaugural #SNWL
Mamelodi Sundowns

Prolific Goalscorer
Rhoda Mulaudzi – Mamelodi Sundowns

Player of the #SNWL Championship
Hilda Magaia – TUT

Most Promising Team
First Touch Academy

Worst Performing Coach
Thinasonke Mbuli – UWC

Top Performing Coach
Jerry Tshabalala – Mamelodi Sundowns

Most Exhilarating, Unexpected Win
Richmond Ladies Beating UWC Away

Teams Out Of Their Depth In #SNWL
Tsunami Queens, Golden Ladies, Richmond Ladies, Thunderbird Ladies

Top Captain
Noko Matlou – First Touch Academy

Up And Down Team
Durban Ladies

Worst Performing Well-Resourced Team

Amazing, Unexpected Result
First Touch draw with UWC in Cape Town, after First touch travelled fom Limpopo by road transport to play a league match in Cape Town

Champion Team Of SNWL
The Unbeaten Mamelodi Sundowns

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