After Her Injury, Springbok Alana-Lee Horne Can’t Wait To Be Back On The Rugby Field And To Achieve Her Rugby World Cup Dream By Cheryl Roberts

19 Apr

1alana-lee horne

Springbok Alana-Lee Horne remembers the day clearly when she started playing rugby. It was 25 September in 2008 and she was ten years old. It was on that day when she on the field, chasing after the ball with the boy rugby players in her community in Somerset West in Cape Town, that she knew she wanted to play in a rugby world cup. Today, 12 years later and aged 22, Alana-Lee Horne is a Springbok rugby player and knows that her rugby ambition is just months away; thats if she stays injury-free and works hard at training and performs in rugby games for both province and country. In this Q and A interview with ‘South African SportsWoman’ publisher, Cheryl Roberts we get to know about one of South Africa’s precocious rugby talents, Alana-Lee Horne.

Q: You are in injury rehab. What happened? How did you get the injury?
Alana-Lee Horne: Yes, I’m on my rehab with my knee injury. I got injured in a rugby match against Border, last seasn. It was one of the interprovincial games against Border, played at City Park in Cape Town. One of the players tackled me on my knee and that brought on a bad injury.

Q: Who helped you through the injury?
Alana-Lee Horne: Western Province Rugby did sort out my surgery and rehab. And I’m thankful for that as I don’t have medical aid. And my mother and my family did help me here at home to get get better and stronger.

Q: What are you wanting to do rugby-wise immediately after lockdown?
Alana-Lee Horne: For sure, I want to get back on the field, start running and get back on the training field.

Q: You looking forward to the 2021 women’s rugby World Cup?
Alana-Lee Horne: Yes, I am looking forward to the world cup. That’s my sports dream I want to achieve since the day I started playing rugby on the 25th September 2008 with the boys at my primary school in Somerset West where I did play with Damian Willemse.

Q: What have you achieved playing rugby?
Alana-Lee Horne: In playing rugby I have achieved, from hard work, to play for the Western Province junior girls teams, Western Province women’s senior team and I’m a capped Springbok women’s rugby player.

Q: Who introduced you to rugby?
Alana-Lee Horne: It was Springbok Damian Willemse who introduced me to rugby when we where together on primary school. I used to play touvh rugby with the boys and after that I ended up on the rugby field with them playing rugby.

Q: Who do you admire in rugby? Your best players? And role models?
Alana-Lee Horne: I really admire Springbok Cheslin Kolbe. As we say: He is a small person with a big heart. My role model is my mommy. I can always talk to her and she is always there for me when I need a shoulder to lean on.

alana-lee horne and mother

Q: What do you like about playing rugby?
Alana-Lee Horne: I always enjoy playing rugby and I always meet new rugby teams and players and and it’s nice to share a field with them, play against them and learn from them and be friends off the field when the rugby match is played.

Q: What would you like to achieve over the next 3 years in rugby?
Alana-Lee Horne: I really want to play in the 2021 women’s rugby world cup and I want to step out, to go and play for clubs overseas, to leran more about advancing my rugby skills.

Q: Would you like to play pro rugby? Where?
Alana-Lee Horne: Yes I will really like to play pro rugby. And I really would like to join one of the rugby clubs in Spain. I just like how the Spanish girls play rugby.

Q: What is your training schedule?
Alana-Lee Horne: At the moment, because of my rehab and because of the lockdown, I’m just doing my normal exercise the physio give me. I’m doing no running at the moment.

2alana-lee horne

Q: You still looking forward to the 2020 rugby season?
Alana-Lee Horne: Yes, for sure. I can’t wait for the season to start when lockdown is over.

(photographs by Cheryl Roberts. Photographs are copyrighted;not to be used without permission of Cheryl Roberts)

2 Responses to “After Her Injury, Springbok Alana-Lee Horne Can’t Wait To Be Back On The Rugby Field And To Achieve Her Rugby World Cup Dream By Cheryl Roberts”

  1. Marizan April 22, 2020 at 9:33 pm #

    Awesome Alana-lee I’m so proud on you ,and we can just give all the Glory and thanks to God Almighty, that took you true your operations and rehab . I pray that all your dreams my come true . And always remember consult God first in everything you do ,Jeremiah 29 vers 11 .
    Also a special big thanks to Cheryl Roberts who always go the extra mile for the girls .
    To WP who walk this road with Alana -lee with hospital cost the transport. I know it was not always easy for both of us .

    • africanwomanwarrior May 18, 2020 at 11:29 am #

      Thank you for the appreciation

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