Public Questions And Opinions Raised About SASCOC By Cheryl Roberts

25 Apr


There are many opinions about SASCOC, South Africa’s sports controlling body. There are also lots of questions being asked. I decided to survey many people involved in sport about their perspectives re: SASCOC. They participated in this survey on the basis they remained anonymous. Here are their responses. Only slight editing by me for grammar and word spelling. No content was changed. These are the opinions about SASCOC. Its vital we know what are some of the opinions, even though we may not approve them, nor like, or agree with them. The people in sport are speaking. I am the messenger and publicise and make known their feelings, opinions, comments……
. If there were no payments to SASCOC Board members would people still want to be on the Board? Why do we not test them all with no payments. All Board members and elected ones must be volunteers for SASCOC. Huh? Would they still want to be on Sascoc? I don’t’ think so. Why? Because they only want the money and to be paid.

. Lwandile Simelane – I think that’s her name – is a joke. What is she doing there on the women’s commission? Never heard of her and SASCOC doing anything for women. Important: Why did she abstain from the SASCOC vote to have Barry Hendricks take leave of absence? Is is because she’s mos in Barry Hendricks’ camp for the elections and wants to get elected onto SASCOC and get a monthly salary? If Simelane could not vote in principle against Barry Hendricks, for what happened to the nomination of Ntambi Ravele how will she take women in sport forward?

. Why are people so wanting to be on SASCOC? Can they really change SASCOC or they going there to be paid monthly? Who are they that want to be on SASCOC? Have they changed their sports federations?

. Where does Barry Hendricks come from? Why is he not a national president of a sports federation? Is it true that national squash got him out? If he was so good a president, then why did squash get him out?

. Why do some people want to be on SASCOC for so many years? Is it for the trips, perks and money?

. Aleck Skhosana made no problems at athletics since he became president there. Maybe he can make no problems at SASCOC. That will be good for sport in our country.

. Who are the women on SASCOC? They are quiet. We don’t know what they are doing at SASCOC.

. I saw an article by Cheryl Roberts for an all-women SASCOC executive. She said she was asking the questions. But I don’t think only women can bring sport right. We must have a balance of people.

. That guy Qandisa is a businessman. He smashed up the business in Gauteng. Now he wants to be on SASCOC. For the money? Leave that useless Qandisa out of SASCOC.

. I saw a structure of the SASCOC Board. Who is this woman Merrill King? Where does she come from? What does she contribute to SASCOC? Do not vote for her.

. I don’t know Alan Fritz in sport. But I see he wants to be SASCOC president. That is aiming high. Someone told me he comes from swimming. I say ‘swimming’? That white sport? He will make SASCOC white if he comes from swimming.

. We must blame Gideon Sam for bringing Barry Hendricks into SASCOC by default. Now Barry Hendricks wants all the power. Deal with it SASCOC. Barry Hendricks is your demon.

. Why does Aleck Skhosana challenge SASCOC with litigation? Im worried about that. Money is being spent on litigation where it can be used for sport.

. I want sport to be sponsored and funded, supported. So far, no one has told me he can do this for sport. Can I believe in them? No.

. Where is that old man Sam Ramsamy? Is he still interfering in the elections? That man Sam Ramsamy only wants people he can control. He must rest now. Go retire. Sam Ramsamy must still tell South Africa why he got that one Anand Singh on the IOC.

. Cheryl, thank you for asking my opinion. I want to see sport saved and prosperous. I don’t think Barry Hendricks can lead our sport. Watching him on TV, he looks vulgar and bad. Down with Barry Hendricks.

. I detest all what is going on in SASCOC. I blame them all for this rotten situation we in.

. What about Mark Alexander for being president of SASCOC? He is good as rugby president.

. I don’t know who to trust in sport anymore. They all want positions for the money and business.

. Who benefits from Arnold Classic in Gauteng? I hear Barry Hendricks gets business from Arnold Classic and his supporters also want tenders. Investigate Barry Hendricks and Arnold Classic.

. I come from sport in Gauteng. Barry Hendricks did nothing for sport federations in Gauteng. He must tell us what he did with the government money.

. There’s a woman on SASCOC. They showed her mansion on Top Billing. Does she get monthly payment from SASCOC? But what does she do?

. I am very happy Ntambi Ravele wanted to be president of Sascoc. She showed a pathway for us women to know we be top leaders in sport. That Barry Hendricks must be expelled from sport. He is sexist and does not support women in sport.

. But tell me who is this Kobus Marais? How effective is he on SASCOC?

. These people like Jerry and Khaya. Why they want to be so long on SASCOC? To get monthy salary?

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