Zethu Myeki Is Focussed On Becoming A Much Improved Pro Golfer By Cheryl Roberts

13 May

zethu myeki50

Mdantsane golfer Zethu Myeki came up in golf as an amateur player and was a top three ranked national golfer in South Africa. At 26 years old, she took the plunge, and despite having no sponsor nor financial backing, she turned pro in January this year. Zethu Myeki played the 2020 Sunshine Tour as a pro, struggled to fund herself on her first pro Tour, made some cuts and survived. Zethu Myeki is now intent on becoming a better and much improved pro golfer. In this Q and A interview with ‘South African SportsWoman’ publisher Cheryl Roberts, we are in conversation about Zethu Myeki’s first season as a pro golfer.

Q: You turned pro and started out in January as a pro player. How was your first season as a pro player on the Sunshine Tour?
Zethu Myeki: My first season was great. Didn’t go as planned but I learned lot of lessons.

Q: Were you sponsored as a pro player? How did you manage financially to play the Sunshine Tour?
Zethu Myeki: No, I was not sponsored at all. I got help from few individuals for my first two tournaments and after that I paid my expenses with my winnings.

Q: Your best performance result in the 2020 Sunshine Tour?
Zethu Myeki: Supersport challenge at Sun City.

Q: How many tournaments did you play? How many cuts did you make?
Zethu Myeki: I played 7 tournaments and made 4 cuts. I missed 3. I didn’t win any tournaments. Some days I was high on the leaderboard; other days I dropped on the leaderboard.

Q: What did you learn about experience from playing your first Sunshine Tour as a pro player? What would you like to improve upon now with your game?
Zethu Myeki: I learned to focus on the process , stay in the here and now. Also, to forget about the outcome while I’m focusing on the moment and also not stress about the final outcome. I would like to improve on almost everything at the moment because I really struggled with ball striking.

Q: We in national lockdown now in South Africa’s. Do you have some tentative golf plans for 2020, amidst lockdowns and lifting of lockdowns? What would you still like to do in golf this year?
Zethu Myeki: Definitely work on my game and my mental side so to gain the confidence to compete again.

Q: And getting your players tour card to play in the European circuit? Any plans?
Zethu Myeki: With what is happening in the world I’m not sure when will the Q-school start. I will also need to have financial support by then. Also, that will depend on how my game is. I hope to have enough time to prepare before going to Q-school.

Q: Your advice to emerging black women golfers wanting to turn pro?
Zethu Myeki: Take your time and make sure you have a sponsorship before doing it. It’s really tough out there without financial support.

Q: Did you feel intimidated playing your first pro Sunshine Tour as a pro player?
Zethu Myeki: Not really because I had played on tour when I was still an amateur. So I was familiar with the environment.

Q: Have you set your goals for the 2021 Sunshine Tour? What would you like to achieve?
Zethu Myeki: Not yet. But I will have some ambitions before the Sunshine Tour starts.

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