South African Sport Has Challenges: All Of South African Sport To Blame By Cheryl Roberts

26 May

2first touch v durban ladies

With the recent headline news of the goings on at SASCOC, South Africa’s controlling body for sport, the focus is being spotlighted on SASCOC as being at its ‘lowest ebb’, like a rudderless ship sailing without knowing its direction and journey. But the state of SASCOC is not the only cause for concern and worry in SA sport. The entire sports paradigm has authentic questions to be answered honestly.

This is how it goes: The state that SASCOC finds itself in, has been coming along for many years. It starts with those who wanted control of SASCOC, ensured thru lobbying that their candidates got appointed, business got given without tender processes, SASCOC Board getting monthly payments, all expenses paid trips to Olympic Games, business and first class travel and much more. Then came the ventures by some SASCOC officials to have some SASCOC employees removed from office, subsequent litigation endeavors costing millions, haphazard decisions of team selection for the 2019 African Games and cancelling of qualified teams for the Tokyo Olympics. Who was responsible for all these decisions taken at SASCOC?

Now that the SASCOC ship is seemingly ‘sinking’, there are those rejoicing as if the SASCOC challenges began just the other day.  No! The deficiencies, weaknesses and challenges strangling SASCOC started years ago!

And South African sport overall is to blame for this state of affairs of the South African sports paradigm. SA sport was allowed to consolidate as white-dominated sports federations, athletes got left out of international participation because of lack of funds, oligarchical control of sport continued whilst some people claiming to be officials in sport worked at owning their individual power in SASCOC.

By late 2019, it all spiralled out of control when a Coloured cabal trying to gain control of SASCOC was noted, certain SASCOC Board officials who hardly contributed to pivotal thinking on how best to take forward SA sport were lining up to be re-elected. Nowadays the sensational news about SASCOC in the commercial media is about ‘the wrongs of the SASCOC Board’. But where did this all start? Why didn’t the SASCOC council keep it all in check, ask the hard questions about the organizational state of SASCOC and call to order those within SASCOC responsible for this state?

Who in SASCOC appointed the law firm in Sandton to proceed with litigation? Who appointed the same person as acting CFO and acting CEO at SASCOC? Who wrote off some of SA’s qualified Tokyo Olympics teams like the SA women’s rugby team, as not being able to participate in the Tokyo Olympics? Who is answerable for white-dominated representation of South African sport? Why didn’t we hear the roars against gender inequalities in SA sport? Who started the antagonism amongst and within the SASCOC Board? And why have South African sports federations not spoken out?

At this juncture it’s made out as if SASCOC is a sinking ship with resignations, arbitration hearings and disciplinary interventions. This has been coming along for quite some time. And you get the same men who caused much of the challenges at SASCOC still plotting for favoured candidates to contest the SASCOC elections.

Some SASCOC Board members have recently resigned and given their ‘reasons’. They were all part of the challenges created within and by SASCOC! You want to speak out now, as if you were fighting for SASCOC to be better administered but we know it’s merely to re-align yourself. What were you doing about SASCOC when you accepted all expenses trips, when no sponsorship came SASCOC’s way yet you still earned money from SASCOC?

I’m asking these hard questions because they are honest and must be dissected before SASCOC can go forward. Being in South African sport means we all on this ship together. While some are trying to restore SASCOC as a functional sports organisation and proceed with global event preparations,  some people aiming to attain control of SASCOC are still on an all out mission to get the control.

I reiterate that the problems and challenges characterising SASCOC at this juncture, have been seeded from many years ago with men aiming their shot at gaining personal fiefdom of SASCOC and getting out of SASCOC whatever they could for themselves; this at the cost of looking after sport in South Africa. South Africa’s sports federations are to blame for allowing this state of affairs to dictate proceedings at SASCOC. You can try ‘escaping’ and blaming all others for the state of SASCOC but we know how you accepted and sometimes supported all goings on st SASCOC as long as you were benefiting something. And by YOU, I mean all sports federations, SASCOC Board and employees.






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