South Africa’s Wheelchair Tennis Star Kgothatso Montjane Still Has Ambitions Of Winning A Global Tennis Championship By Cheryl Roberts

27 May


kgothatso montjane wimbledon

Kgothatso Montjane has her tennis ambitions set out each year. This year it was to win a grand slam tennis championship or a medal at the Tokyo Olympics. And she started off the 2020 tennis year with a bang, reaching the semifinals of the Australian Open and almost toppling a higher seeded player which would have seen Kgothatso Montjane enter her first grand slam final.

Then came the #worldwide lockdowns and subsequent postponement and cancellation of world tennis events. And Kgothatso’s 2020 tennis ambitions seemed to be all over the place, and almost out the door.

‘At least the whole tennis family went into lockdown and had to take care and prevent covid 19 infections. I wasn’t the only tennis player that was affected,’ says Kgothatso.

During #LockdownSouth Africa, Kgothatso kept up with her personal training to maintain her fitness so when she gets back on the tennis court, her fitness level will be high.

‘The cancellation of Wimbledon, just like that came as a shock to me’, says Kgothatso. I was so looking forward to playing my third successive Wimbledon championship. But that’s how things went down with Wimbledon,’ she says.

Already qualified for the Tokyo Paralympics, because of her top eight international tennis ranking, Kgothatso knew she was going into the Paralympics with a big ambition. And that was to be on the podium of the tennis presentation at the Toko Paralympics. That Paralympics medal is something she desperately wants.

‘I started off the tennis year in good form. Had a good performance stint at the Australian Open. Thought I could only get better results as the season went on. But then lockdowns arrived and it impacted on all our tennis championships and our 2020 ambitions,’ says Kgothatso.

‘But I am still out here, still training at home until our sports facilities are open again and I still have the ambitions I set for myself a long time ago. Those ambitions are to win a grand slam tennis championship and to medal at the Tokyo Paralympics. If anything, I’m more determined to go harder at my ambitions and get them.

‘We all hoping we can be back on the tennis courts soon, around the world. In 2020, I still want to play in the US Open and postponed French Open grand slams. The Tokyo Paralympics is postponed but I want to be performance ready to play in it, next year. That will be my fourth Paralympics.’

She’s a world class wheelchair tennis player and there’s no retirement in sight just yet for Kgothatso Montjane. Those tennis ambitions are real and realistic and she’s going after them.

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