Pioneering ‘African Soil Sportswoman’ Publication Launches In Africa: By An African, for and about Africa’s Sportswomen By Cheryl Roberts

29 Jul

african soil sportswoman


‘If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it’― Toni Morrison


I read and accepted Toni Morrison’s enchanting, inspirational words. The stories and narratives I wanted to read, have now been written in this pioneering publication, for and about Africa’s sportswomen and Africa’s women in sport.

She has arrived. On African soil. Constructed by an African (that’s me). It appears to be the first of its kind sportswomen continental publication by an African, for and about African sportswoman. I’ve created and published this pioneering publication ‘African Soil Sportswoman’.

And so it has been birthed. That’s ‘African Soil Sportswoman’, my newest publication and what appears to be the first of its kind continental women and sport publication, published in African, by an African for and about Africa’s sportswomen and Africa’s women and sport.

I’ve had this idea for many years. I’ve now gone ahead and published this self-funded digital publication, centering and amplifying Africa’s sportswomen and women and sport.

Africa’s sportswomen, from grassroots to international participation are phenomenal. Their achievements are dazzling, record breaking, amongst the best in the world, amazing, world and global champions. But, despite their world, Olympic, continental feats in sport, Africa’s sportswomen and women in sport do not get the acknowledgment, publicity and sponsorship they deserve and should be awarded.

Many people outside of Africa and non-Africa write, publish, research and broadcast  about Africa’s phenomenal sportswomen and struggling women in sport.

However, a publication that was continental and centering Africa’s sportswomen has been missing for all our African lives. Now here we are: with a publication that has finally arrived. In 2020 it has been conceptualised, created and published.

Launched in July 2020 is my newest publication ‘African Soil Sportswoman’: Amplifying And Centering Africa’s Sportswomen’. It’s a self-funded publication. It could be done and I’ve published it. Africa’s narratives are best published by anti-colonial and intersectional African women.

Cheryl Roberts

Creator/Writer/Publisher of ‘African Soil Sportswoman’

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